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Aero-Pond Bubble Plume
Dock De-Icing

From backyard ponds to small lakes and everything in between. We have an Aero-Pond™ model to fit your needs!

High oxygen transfer rates with minimal surface disruption. The Aero-Pond™ system will quietly and discreetly do its' job!

Aero-Pond™ uses natures heat source to keep docks clear of ice. By destratifying the water around the dock the warmer bottom water keeps the surface open! 

Advantages of Fine Bubble Aeration

Aero-Pond uses fine bubble aeration to maximize oxygen transfer efficiency and minimize power consumption. Unlike other forms of aeration such as surface agitiators, fountains, and eductors we have no moving parts in the water. No moving parts means less fouling, less maintenance and higher reliability.

Advantages of Aero-pond™ Compressors

All Aero-Pond compressors are designed and manufactured specifically for outdoor use. Our products are tested and certified to Underwriters Labratories standards for permanent outdoor use. Heat, Rain, Snow or Dust wont stop these durable units. The long life linear design has only a few moving parts. Fewer moving parts improves relaibility and reduces power consumption. No oiling, no vane replacement, no piston replacement. Because we are pumping air rather than water, significantly less energy is required to accomplish our goal as compared to a water pump based aeration system.

Outstanding Customer Service

From the initial call you'll notice something uniquely different, real customer service! Our knowledgable and curteous staff will answer your questions and resolve any problem. Many company's talk about excelling at customer service  - we deliver every day.

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