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About Us

The Aero-Pond™ brand is owned by Aero-Stream®, LLC the leaders in micro-bubble aeration. Aero-Stream® has over 20 years experience designing and manufacturing aeration equipment. The pond/surface water aeration products were introduced in 2008 and continue to expand within the North America market.  


The Aero-Pond™ product line is applied to surface waters to improve the biological health of the body of water. Whether a small backyard water garden or a small lake, we offer a system to meet the application. Another technology, the Aero-Pure™ utility ozone generator product can be utilized to ultra-clarify pond and surface water keeping the water crystal clear. Regardless of your application,  Aero-Stream® can engineer a solution to solve your problems!


Aero-pond™ aerators are designed for maximum oxygen transfer ensuring clear water and removal of bottom sludge build up. If pond health is the primary consideration, the highest oxygen transfer rates and long service life of the membrane diffusers make Aero-pond™ the

preferred choice. All Aero-pond™ models are available with a weighted airline and rest almost invisibly on the bottom of the pond so there is no floating equipment or fountain of water to detract from the serenity of your pond.


Aero-pond™ aerators are also very effective utilized for de-icing of ponds and lakes. The uplift flow destratifies the water keeping areas around docks, piers and shorelines free of ice that can cause substantial damage.

Easily installed in an hour or less, all Aero-pond™ systems are designed for durability and efficiency.






  • Eliminate water stratification

  • Increased oxygen levels throughout water column

  • Elimination of low oxygen fish kills

  • Improved fisheries by expanding oxygenated habitat

  • Eliminate muck and sediment from the bottom of the pond or lake

  • Eliminate surface weeds and unpleasant algea

  • Reduced aquatic midge and mosquito insect hatches

  • Elimination of foul odors from undesirable dissolved gases

  • Eliminate surface freeze over on ponds and lakes

  • Eliminate ice damage to docks, piers, lifts and shorelines

  • Safe entry - no electricity in the water

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